Lecture Notes.

Module One: Session One

Welcome to the Lectures/Lessons section.

  • The modules correspond to the course lectures.
  • You can use them to review, get more information, or to fill in your notes.
  • Practice quizzes will help you confirm your understanding of the material and will help you prepare for exams. Some exam questions will be very similar or even identical to those found in the practice quizzes.
  • The menu to the left will take you directly to the Lesson Module you need.

Module One: Critical Thinking Fundamentals

  • This session covers basic principles for the course along with some basic terminology, such as "logic" and "argument."
  • The proper disposition of the critical thinker.
  • The basic components of arguments.


  • After this unit you will have a general overview of what the course will cover along with an understanding of some basic concepts used throughout the course.
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