The following worksheets can help you get better grades, study smarter, improve your note-taking and test taking skills and diminish your academic anxiety. Feel free to use them, print them, and give copies to your friends.

Instructions: Start with How To Study. When you reach the bottom of the page, choose "next." Continue throught all the worksheets until you are back at this menu. Details of what you are to turn in are found in the syllabus.

How To Study
Study Tips
Memory Tips
Goal Setting

Note Taking
The Cornell Method
Look & Listen
No Nonsense Note Taking

Stress Management
Stress Mgt. Tips
A Perfectly Normal Day

Textbook Reading
Textbook Basics

Test Taking
5 Day Test Prep
Essay Exams
Objective Exams
Test-Taking Without Fear

Time Management
Time Management Tips

Other Study Help Sites

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